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Visit Galerie Kleindienst in Leipzig

Visit Galerie Kleindienst in Leipzig


Corinne von Lebusa creates the wonderful world of a private cosmos with her subjective mysticism, light and fleeting. Eliciting a state of apparent voyeurism, the artist places our eye to the keyhole of her wonderland.

Das gläserne Eck

Das selbe Wasser

Echo einer Ahnung

Es wird durchgemalt

Flying in Milk

Kerstin Flake’s photographic series Shaking Surfaces (2018–2021) assembles media relicts from the analogue era that appear to set themselves in motion, redefining themselves. As well as consciously playing with our expectations, Flake is concerned with the transitions between the past...


The exhibition title, "GUTE ZEITEN SCHLECHTE ZEITEN" (GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES), playfully nods to a German TV series—beloved by some and relegated to the 'so bad, it's good' category by others. This paradox sets the stage for Weissbach's latest series,...

Häuser, Bäume, Männer

Höhle 3000

i’m in love with your brother

Paint turns into sperm, runs uncontrollably down the canvas, forms blobs, erases faces and body parts. Brush strokes tenderly lay contour lines, create physiognomies and hint at interiors. Culmination of painting. The paint has to come out. And then it...

On Waves

“On Waves”, is a group show on the theme of motion, water, signals, and movement, curated by Silvershed, an artist-run project in downtown Manhattan that explores contemporary art values, ethics and aesthetics of the 21st century. Silvershed works through lateral...

Warrant of an Unreal World

When I’m not afraid to love

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