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Misa Art Market König Galerie

Misa Art Market

MISA is an art market in the KÖNIG GALERIE in Berlin that presents works from the primary and secondary market. For the first time ever, 250 works of art by more than 200 artists will be presented in thematic booths that provide the art- historical context for the works on offer. In order to convey knowledge to connoisseurs and beginners alike, the works, which cover 70 years of art history, will be arranged in 13 booths according to movements, artist groups, style, zeitgeist and mood and contrasted with one another.

Exhibitors: 200

Harlem Fine Arts Show


The Harlem Fine Arts Show (HFAS) celebrates the African Diaspora by bringing together contemporary artists with the growing class of collectors. The goal of facilitating this coming together is to showcase cultural ideas and raise awareness of this extraordinary body of work created by these international, national and local artists.
Exhibitors: 60

The New Contemporary


We believe in the power of art to broaden perspectives, start difficult conversations, and ignite lasting political and societal change. As a part of our ongoing effort to create space and opportunities for more diverse voices, we are proud to be expanding our New Contemporary Program, a program that stands as a critical contribution to both global politics and local community engagement, by partnering with non-profit art organizations that are fighting for inclusivity in the art world by uplifting Black artists and thinkers.
Leading the industry with cutting-edge technology, SCOPE Immersive will present daily New Contemporary programming on a large scale video wall inside the show featuring morning wellness programs, talk series, and artist activations. This multi-functional wall will transform after-hours into a premium virtual nightlife experience featuring world-class DJ and music talent, all without an access link or password.
Exhibitors: 20

Hamptons Virtual Art Fair

Hamptons Virtual Art Fair

Featuring 100+ booths presented by select galleries in striking virtual reality – from the Producers of ArtHamptons Examine each gallery’s artworks, singularly and vividly, in both 2D or 3Don the wall, at lighting speed. Enter each gallery’s full VR display, and meander within the booth to discover art in HD quality or walk around sculptures with BUY Now or dealer inquiry options. 2000+ important artworks are available for immediate acquisition ($100+ million). Featuring 106 gallery displays, from 11 countries and 30 US cities the fair brought together 30,000 art enthusiastic visitors over the fair days accounting for 50,000 total gallery profile/booth visits resulting in 20,000+ deep-dive visits of specific art pieces generating sales.
Exhibitors: 106

SCOPE Immersive Miami Beach / Part 2

SCOPE Immersive Miami Beach / Part 2

We are pleased to present part 2 of Immersive Miami Beach. This invitational, survey, and online thematic event presents collectors with a unique opportunity to explore and purchase artworks from thirty SCOPE exhibitors remotely in a curated digital and interactive space.
Backed by an expansive digital media advertising campaign, editorial partnerships, and a one of a kind integrated video wall hosting a full schedule of daily events, SCOPE Immersive blazes its own path in the digital frontier. Unlike other platforms that rely on outdated iterations of basic slideshow technology, SCOPE Immersive invites collectors to step inside three-dimensional space and purchase artwork utilizing the Buy Now or Contact feature on a computer, mobile phone, or VR device.
Exhibitors: 30

SCOPE Immersive Miami Beach | Part 1

SCOPE Immersive Miami Beach | Part 1

Leading up to the 20th Anniversary of SCOPE Miami Beach, SCOPE is going digital to present a series of curated online shows. This invitational, survey, and online thematic event will present collectors with a unique opportunity to explore and purchase artworks from thirty SCOPE exhibitors remotely in a curated digital and interactive space. Renowned for its uncanny ability to forecast new visual trends that are embraced globally, SCOPE Art Shows have garnered extensive critical acclaim, with sales exceeding 850 Million dollars and attendance of over 1.5 Million visitors.
Exhibitors: 30

Art Paris Art Fair

Art Paris

With 150 galleries from twenty different countries and some 1,000 represented artists, Art Paris is a leading spring art event, one that combines a regional exploration of European art from the post-war period to the present day with a cosmopolitan approach that encompasses art from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.
Exhibitors: 150

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