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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the next generation of Online Viewing Room?

An OVR made by Walter’s Cube is the reproduction of a physical space in 3D, a digitized model, which makes the exhibition globally accessible 24/7 on any device, allowing visitors to walk around and purchase artworks as if they were there opposed to the first generation of OVRs that were simple websites with a “flat” experience.

How can having an Online Viewing Room help my gallery?

An OVR can make your current show accessible from anywhere in the world, meaning you get real time artwork requests from more collectors generating more revenue, and it can help planning future exhibitions or archiving previous ones. You can share it on social media and embed it into your website to get more visitors.

Do I need to have any equipment to digitize my gallery?

To have the space digitized we send you a photographer, you don’t have to own any tool. To publish your Online Viewing Room with your latest online exhibition(s) – you can have more than one at a time! –, all you need is a desktop. To visit OVRs any smart device will do, as you can step into a 3D model from desktops, tablets, and phones through the app (both Android and iOS).

Are Online Viewing Rooms for small galleries or big institutions?

It is for everyone. We worked with small galleries and world-class museums as well and we digitized more than thousand exhibitions and art spaces with our award-winning technology.

How much does an Online Viewing Room cost for a gallery?

Our goal is to make the technology accessible for anyone. You can try it and start to create your Online Viewing Room for free using some pre-digitized spaces. 

But if you want to digitize your own gallery to publish current shows or create new exhibitions, you can sign up for the Premium plan. It’s still very affordable. It costs only EUR 79 per month for galleries under 200 m2 / 2.000 sf.

How long does it take to digitize my gallery?

The photographer that will arrive to your space within a week after ordering the service needs to take a couple thousand pictures depending on the size of your gallery, and after that you will receive a link from us in a few days. From that point, it’s all up to you as you don’t need any special skill or software downloaded to get started – you could have an online exhibition installed and published in minutes.

What kind of artworks can I exhibit online?

You can instal any flat artwork without a hitch (paintings, drawings, photos, prints, etc), we even have the option to frame them digitally, for an extra fee we can model sculptures and installations for you, and you can have both video and audio works in your OVR.

How can I…?

If you have any technical questions like How can I add exhibition information? or How can I modify my online exhibition?, visit this link:

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