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Hidden Statement

Art in Afghanistan

Launch of the first virtual exhibition: May 30, 2023

Afghanistan is not only dominated by poverty and natural disasters, but also by terror, arbitrary rule, massive corruption, enormous restrictions on freedom and again increased attacks. This threatening situation not only complicates the everyday life of the people, which is characterized by violence, permanent concern for people close to them, fear, flight, but also resistance, but also brings artistic creation to a virtual standstill. On top of that, the Taliban have completely banned the artistic depiction of living beings, especially humans. Works of art were and are being destroyed by the artists themselves for security reasons, or they fell victim to looting and targeted destruction during house searches or had to be left behind when people fled. However, many works still exist in secret, others only in documentation. At the same time, artists are still resisting, expressing their opinions through their work – against all obstacles and prohibitions.

In order to help art in Afghanistan regain visibility, the artistic positions, which have been made anonymous for security reasons, will be presented to the worldwide public in continuous, digital solo exhibitions under the title Hidden Statement – Art in Afghanistan. After two years, they will finally regain artistic visibility and recognition, as well as the opportunity to once again participate in the international art discourse.

Landing page of the project at Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden webpage:

Virtual exhibition openings and round of talks in Goethe Institut, Rome:



Everything and everyone left its Traces/Lines* on the world. The traces could be produced on surfaces and in emptiness. These lines trace the surface and are tied to each other, and the world is the connection of the lines. Danial...


In a world dominated by digital imagery and instantaneous communication, it is often through the lens of a camera that we witness the stark realities and fleeting moments that shape our collective consciousness. In the solo exhibition, "Fragments of Life,"...

Jafar Image

The photographer's tools are few and modest - frame, crop, focus, shoot. Yet, when the right opportunity presents itself (one that Henri Cartier-Bresson famously coined the 'decisive moment'), these tools may be applied to the world of bricks, stone, sand,...


I began my artistic activity since 2007, at the beginning I was working visual Arts as amateurs in various subject of Arts. In 2008, I started my bachelor's degree in painting department Faculty of Fine Arts . I learned drawing,...

Arch Noori

Arch Noori was born in a Qezelbash Hazara middle-class family and studied a Bachelor of Architecture. I worked as a freelance photographer and graphic designer and implemented several cultural and artistic projects in Bamyan, I am landscape and architectural photographer,...



Shirin graduated from University Journalism Faculty. Parallel to her graduation, she started working on painting and drawing, as she has loved painting since she was a child. Since 2018, she has seriously entered the field of digital art.


I have studied and practiced painting since 2009 and running a paint workshop for eight years. Hence, I have been involved in many art exhibitions that have taken place, over the years. As an artist I have been indulged with...