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Visit MISA art market in Berlin
Produced by KÖNIG GALERIE.

Visit MISA art market in Berlin
Produced by KÖNIG GALERIE.

Color / Pigment

What is color all about? Colors appeal to taste and feeling, evoke different moods, and yet they remain on the surface. Color is the basis of all painting. Used deliberately, color functions as a symbol or, on the contrary, as...


Photography works varying from fashion shoots to landscapes of the moon, taking a good look at famous faces and faceless bodies in Heaven or Las Vegas.

Pop Art

In the mid-1950s, there emerged separately in London and the USA a movement that focused on everyday objects. Artists both critically reflected on and euphorically elevated consumption, advertising, everyday culture, and mass media. Andy Warhol, originally an advertising artist, was...

Post War

In art history, the term “Post War” refers to the period after 1945, a time of new beginnings and radical change. Artists question traditional structures and forms in an attempt to be done with the past. Painting becomes freer because...


After the champions of, the techno-utopians of the early 1990s, were forced to acknowledge that the Web would not bring down the classical institutions of art as primary exhibition spaces, a new generation of artists who also reacted to...

Ultra Contemporary

Every artist that came after Andy Warhol is called contemporary - so we needed a new term to give some clarity to the market. Now the artists born after 1974 have their own category as the ultra contemporary.

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