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Walter’s Cube is a resource to the art community who has been plagued by the COVID-19 crisis.

Your business does not need to be interrupted.

Your patrons and collectors can have more than a viewing room to access your exhibition, they can have the gallery experience itself!

Online Viewing Room


Choose between different spaces where you could exhibition from 3 to 12 artworks. (Starts from only $19/month)

Online Viewing Room – Digitize your gallery and mulitplicate it

We digitize your gallery and automate it. You could create new exhibitions in your gallery space online.



– Digitize “object” artworks (sculptures, installations, 3D object) and put it into an Online Viewing Room (starts from $250)

– Archive your existing exhibition. We digitize your current exhibition and make it available online 24/7 (starts from $600 one time fee $69 monthly fee)

Provide for You

  • visit the exhibition in your browser on our website
  • embed the exhibition to your own website
  • visit the exhibition in our smartphone app (Android and iOS)
  • change the artworks or even the whole exhibition any time
  • contact our online support team with any technical questions you may have (we reply within 24-48 h)

Monthly fee: $49 (the digitized version of own gallery)

One exhibition can be held in one space at a time, but it can be changed any time.

Multiple spaces can be rented to hold multiple exhibitions at a time, so the fee is $49/gallery space/month