Gallery Tour 2020

spinNerei | Leipzig | Gallery Tour 2020



Schwere Kraft

After winning the Travel Award of the National Portrait Gallery London, Robert Seidel cycled the Danube to its source. Before that he was in California for a scholarship and now he is showing the exhibition "Schwere Kraft".Schwere Kraft = Gravity....


Tilo Baumgärtel seems to have aligned his figures with the "multioption society" as Peter Gross calls it, referring to the way in which large sections of society have dispensed with the concept of salvation. Representatives of this exlstence appear slack...


For the first time Grass is Greener gallery is showing works by Kathrin Thiele from the DIS series, as well as brand new works in which the boundary between abstraction and figuration is blurring even more. Somewhere in the organic...

J’aime, je nʼaime pas

The exhibition „J'aime, je n'aime pas" (I love, I don't love) follows an invitation from Galerie EIGEN + ART to Tim Eitel and brings together 6 artists from Georgia, Israel, Syria and France that studied with Tim Eitel at the...

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