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san francisco

art fair 2020

untitled | san francisco | art fair 2020

Selected Artworks from the Art Fair

Lars Kristian Bode Selected Works

Alteronce Gumby (b. 1985, USA) is an abstract artist working across multiple mediums. In Gumby’s process, he utilizes landscape as it relates to space and everyday life. His paintings focus on representation of the self and subvert the traditional understanding...

Syntax gallery Selected Works

Memory, in particular its intrinsic quality of softening the borders of the real, is the key to access the works Syntax Gallery proposes for the Untitled art San Francisco. Obviously, each act of recollecting, even in the case of collective...

Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery Selected Works

Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery is the leading gallery in Luxembourg for contemporary art. The gallery offers a diverse exhibition programme with solo exhibitions of the gallery artists as well as group exhibitions and special historical projects. The gallery organises 6 exhibitions and...

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