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Editor’s Choice

Editor’s Choice

Boryana Petkova and Michail Michailov

The artists shows their interest in drawing. Drawing that creates images and models space, that archives traces, places obstacles and builds challenges. The drawing that comes into direct contact with the body (B. Petkova) or with what is left of...

Solo show Steeve Bauras – Blue Brass Grass

Steeve Bauras développe sa pratique pensée sur une photographie en noir et blanc sombre et formelle qui s’intègre, selon les circonstances, dans des installations sculpturales, vidéos ou sonores. Steeve Bauras is developing his practice based on black and white photography...

Peter Weber – One person show Art Paris 2020

At this year’s Art Paris Art Fair Galerie Renate Bender is showing works of Peter Weber. Peter Weber was born in 1944 in Kollmar/Elbe, Germany, he lives and works near Munich, Germany. Peter Weber’s early years as a painter focused...

Vera Molnar

The gallery La Ligne, Zürich - Switzerland was founded in 2004 and is specialized in geometrical art. The gallery is representing Vera Molnar in Switzerland since 2006.

Art Paris 2020

Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris / Bruxelles

Art aborigène / Indigenous Australian Art

Stéphane Jacob-Langevin AM is an expert of Indigenous Australian Art, he is Honorary Member of the Order of Australia and Knight of the Order of Cultural Merit of Monaco. The fruit of a meeting with a continent and its artists,...


In / Off is like a mini exhibition of concrete, kinetic or urban works of art usually promoted by the Wagner Gallery with international artists, like young talents. For more informations :

Hermann Nitsch & Xenia Hausner

We are proud to represent two of Austria`s most important artists Hermann Nitsch and Xenia Hausner at Art Paris this year. Hermann Nitsch (*1938 Vienna), lives and works in Prinzendorf Castle in Austria. Hermann Nitsch is a substantial founder of...

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