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Editor’s Choice

Editor’s Choice

Hernández Pijuan in dialogue with Gallery Artists

The Galerie Andres Thalmann is very pleased to present works of Spain’s prominent artist Joan Hernández Pijuan. Pijuan takes his inspiration by the landscape of Catalonia, to which he has been linked since childhood. In his paintings, he produces evocative...

Retranscrire le vivant

Pour l’édition 2020 d’Art Paris, la Loo & Lou Gallery offre un regard sur une scène française avec quatre artistes ; Pierre-Édouard, Cédric Le Corf, Hélène Damville et Paul de Pignol. Si les matériaux et pratiques diffèrent, peintures, dessins, sculptures...


Ian Davenport (UK, 1966) came to prominence internationally for his exploration, of line, colour and the materiality of paint. The contrast between monumentality and a sense of movement, between randomness and control, and the subtle paradoxes within his paintings are...

Art Paris 2020

Doehler – Dilworth – Molnar – Morellet – Nemours

Open since September 1986 with an exhibition by François Morellet, the Oniris gallery has become, over time, one of the most important places for contemporary art in the Western part of France, in Rennes. Since 2012, Florent Paumelle has been...

Come what may

In the current midst of our global quarantine, our gallery artists had to return home. Being home has had an effect on them. Some have created new work that resonates with this current moment. Like Paolo Ventura, who was forbidden...


No word can fully describe the work of the Japanese painter and designer Naoko Majima: abundant, complex, ambivalent. The artist, winner of the 10th Asian Biennial of Bangladesh in 2001, fascinates and intrigues with a disturbing but powerful force in...

Imagination Communication Figuartion

Alzueta Gallery

Sidereal Letters

De l’Apparition du Signe. Dans cette dernière série, je reviens à mes premières amours : Le noir et le blanc, le vide et le plein, la lettre et la peinture. La lettre joue le rôle du plein en jaillissant du...

Gallery SoSo

Confronted with the internal and external

Mo J Gallery presents the infinitive art world of the artists making their esoteric voice and the way to understand their perspectives on human being under the theme of "confronted with the internal and external".

Duo Show Serge Najjar Stephen Ormandy

Galerie Claire Gastaud

GROUP SHOW Tania Mouraud, Henni Alftan, Frank Stella, Jean-Charles Eustache, Coraline de Chiara, Georges Rousse, Vladimir Skoda, Alain Josseau, Samuel Rousseau


La Galerie Dutko a le plaisir de présenter "Abstractions", une exposition collective d’artistes français Voilà presque 40 ans que la Galerie Dutko collabore avec des artistes français ayant choisis les voies de l’abstraction comme moyen d’expression. Cette exposition collective propose...

Art Paris 2020


ARTKELCH is renowned for exhibiting Indigenous artists from Australia and Papua New Guinea in Europe. Established in 2006 the gallery of German-Australian Robyn Kelch has curated more than 100 shows, thereof 13 in German museums. ARTKELCH is a signatory of...


ARTKELCH is specialising in Contemporary Indigenous Fine Art from Australia. The main focus is on acrylic paintings from Spinifex Country and the APY Lands as well as on bark paintings and sculptures from Arnhem Land. A fine contingent of Tapa...

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