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We publish exhibitions & make your gallery accessible 24/7

We scan your space and create your digital twin.
Publish 3D exhibitions in minutes and invite anyone from the world.
Your online business starts to grow from day one.

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Tim Schneider

Melissa Smith

Familiar Strangers

My sculptures are “Familiar Strangers” with each one subtly reminding the viewer of someone they have seen, met or known. Hopefully, they leave the viewer trying to remember exactly who it is because their recognition is just beyond the mind’s...

Will of The Gods

Julius Hofmann is a child of the media, yet as a painter he practices the import of images considered to be obsolete back to the canvas. Thus painting also represents a memory of databased images, not as an archive for...

New Voices for the Twenties II

We are delighted to announce that SEFA NYC is dedicating the summer of 2021 to a series of live and virtual exhibitions featuring the work of art students who graduated with either a BFA or MFA in 2020 or 2021....

Das gläserne Eck

Sculptures by Nash (H152)

Waterkolours Fine Art Gallery Instagram: @waterkoloursfineartofficial (901)754-9440 It is our passion to present the finest artworks by the premiere artists of our time, combined with our commitment to excellent customer service. With a desire to present imagery...

Albana Ejupi

Albana Ejupi born in 1994, in Pristina - Kosovo. Lives and works in Vienna - Austria. Education: 2017 Bachelor degree, Academz of Fine Arts, Pristina 2018 Master degree, Academz of Fine Arts, Pristina 2021 Master Degree, Academz of Fine Arts;...

Pop Art

In the mid-1950s, there emerged separately in London and the USA a movement that focused on everyday objects. Artists both critically reflected on and euphorically elevated consumption, advertising, everyday culture, and mass media. Andy Warhol, originally an advertising artist, was...

Ser Serpas

Solo show


Gruppenausstellung mit Benjamin Burkard, Georg Pummer und Dirk Schmitt. Eine Harmonie aus drei verschiedenen Künstlerpositionen: In der Ausstellung „Dreiklang“ beweisen Benjamin Burkard, Georg Pummer und Dirk Schmitt, dass stilistische Differenzierungen in einem stimmigen Akkord gipfeln können. Und sich im vermeintlichen...

Liú Yung-jen: Cruising Alone in Painting

Powen Gallery is pleased to present "Liú Yung-jen: Cruising Alone in Painting?", a solo exhibition featuring the artist Liú Yung-jen's recent paintings. The show runs from November 19 to December 17. We can venture a hypothesis that Liú Yung-jen's artistic...

Hoho Lin: Figure and Space

Powen Gallery is pleased to present "Hoho Lin: Figure and Space", showcasing his recent photpgraphy works. The online exclusive is on view until October 2, 2022. Artist Statement by Hoho Lin In an isolated and divided space, where not a...

Ryoko Kaneta, Kyaraai, Gekoru, Samehoshi “199X¹¹”

Aus jedem Dorf ein Hund

Groupshow with Steve Viezens, Jochen Mühlenbrink, Jan Kummer, Boehler & Ohrendt.

Compare and Contrast

COMPARE / CONTRAST - The virtual exhibition of painter Dániel Tarcsi The exhibition was created in collaboration with WALTER'S CUBE - New York - and Léna'Roselli Gallery, presenting selected works of the artist from recent years. The exhibition available in...


Thaler Originalgrafik zeigt in Zeiten der Isolation eine Gruppenausstellung mit Papierarbeiten von 20 Künstlern, die sich mit Innenansichten auseinandergesetzt haben.


INSIGHTS 11.12.2021 – 19.02.2022 Hybridausstellung Alle 30works-Künstler*innen vereint an gleich zwei „Orten“: Erstmals in unserer Ausstellungshistorie werden wir mit INSIGHTS ein Hybridevent präsentieren, das wahlweise rein virtuell oder - in Auszügen - physisch in den Galerieräumen erlebbar sein wird. Alle...

“We Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”

New series of landscape paintings depicting scenes of brooding cloudscapes, dark nights, and vacant beach parking lots, emoting sensations of quiet emptiness. Brooding cloudscapes, dark, dark nights, vacant wind-blown beach parking lots and one weird little house in Pennsylvania make...

MAUER – it’s painted!

Jens Lorenzen - Soloausstellung. Kann eine Geschichte wirklich Anfang und Ende haben? Oder ist sie nicht vielmehr ein Konstrukt mit offenen Koordinaten? Jens Lorenzen entwickelt in seinen hochkomplexen Bildwerken das Konzept eines horizontalen Erzählstrangs, der sich – so, als würde...

An unforgettable room

YOD Gallery is pleased to present "An unforgettable room" by Shimpei Yoshida. Shimpei Yoshida draws portraits with serene and subdued colors, and since participating in an artist-in-residence program in Germany in 2018, he has been developing a series of colored...


Corinne von Lebusa creates the wonderful world of a private cosmos with her subjective mysticism, light and fleeting. Eliciting a state of apparent voyeurism, the artist places our eye to the keyhole of her wonderland.

WU Hsichi: Border, Part II

Powen Gallery is pleased to present WU Hsichi’s online exhibition "Border", featuring his new works on paper. Continuing his “Border” series, WU explores color, shape, and possibilities of visual media. With his unique style and language of art, he aims...

With Genuine Eyes

Susan Eley Fine Art is delighted to present three emerging artists, Laural Hartman, Ellie Kayu Ng, and Elena Redmond in the ‘With Genuine Eyes’ Virtual Exhibition at Walter’s Cube. In this exhibition, the world is explored through the true eyes...

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Robert Mapplethorpe

Gladstone Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of historic works by Robert Mapplethorpe, curated by artist, Roe Ethridge. This marks the gallery's first solo presentation as the New York representative of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Barbara Gladstone showed his...

The Museum’s Collection

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the most important museums of European and American art of the twentieth century in Italy. It is located in Peggy Guggenheim’s former home, Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, on the Grand Canal in Venice....


Swiss Institute is delighted to present Fight-or-Flight, the first US institutional solo exhibition by Jill Mulleady. Drawing on the history of SI’s location at 38 St Marks Pl, originally built in 1954 as a bank, Mulleady has created a group...

Paula Cooper 50 Years: An Anniversary

NEW YORK — “50 Years: An Anniversary” celebrates the October 1968 opening of the Paula Cooper Gallery, the first art gallery in SoHo at 96-100 Prince Street. The inaugural exhibition, organized by Robert Huot, Lucy Lippard and Ron Wolin, benefitted...

Ballardian House

Esther Schipper is pleased to announce Ballardian House, Jean-Pascal Flavien's second solo exhibition with the gallery. Jean-Pascal Flavien has constructed a life-sized house within the exhibition space. Set in the midst of a sandy ground with a number of rocks,...

David Hockney

For nearly 60 years, David Hockney (British, born 1937) has pursued a singular career with a love for painting and its intrinsic challenges. This major retrospective—the exhibition's only North American venue—honors the artist in his 80th year by presenting his...


Neo Rauch, the Leipzig-born artist who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (HGB) with Arno Rink, has left a mark on art. With his figurative paintings, the international art world was his oyster in the 1990s. Yet at...

Notes on Painting 1969 – 2019 | Harriet Korman

We are very excited to announce Notes on Painting: 1969 -2019, Harriet Korman‘s second show with the gallery, which will feature some of her seminal paintings from the early ’70s and trace her development until 2019 (an exhibition of her...

The Art of Dialogue

Brancusi & Duchamp: The Art of Dialogue, curated by art historian Paul B. Franklin, explores the aesthetic dialogue between Constantin Brancusi (1876–1957) and Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968), two of the most inimitable and innovative artists of the twentieth century. Bringing together...

Heimo Zobernig: Solo Show

Simon Lee Gallery, Hong Kong, is proud to present a series of new paintings by Austrian artist, Heimo Zobernig, his first ever solo exhibition in Hong Kong. For forty years Zobernig has conducted a thorough re-interpretation of the languages of...

Am Ende diese Arbeit

Ist Arbeit am Ende? Oder nur unsichtbar, weil sie woanders stattfindet, automatisiert oder immateriell ist? Welche Denkprozesse regt der Umgang mit unterschiedlichen Materialien und sozialen Kontexten an? Worin besteht künstlerische Arbeit? Ist es eine Vielzahl an Austauschprozessen, die gleichbleibende Werkform,...

Projects 1963–2020

The second solo exhibition at the PalaisPopulaire presents what is probably the world’s most famous artistic duo: Christo and Jeanne-Claude. They succeeded in breaking through the narrow boundaries of the art business and attracting the interest of a broad public...


Northern Light is drawn from the exceptional collection of photography amassed by Dr David Kronn over the past 25 years. This exhibition presents work by photographers that examines the history of the conflict in Northern Ireland specifically and places it...

Pop Art

In the mid-1950s, there emerged separately in London and the USA a movement that focused on everyday objects. Artists both critically reflected on and euphorically elevated consumption, advertising, everyday culture, and mass media. Andy Warhol, originally an advertising artist, was...


Infamous is a visual exploration of the long history of deeply rooted racism in the United States. Throughout his illustrious career, Andres Serrano has directly confronted the zeitgeist with provocative works. In this exhibition of over 30 photographs of racist...

Richard Serra – Sculpture and Drawings

David Zwirner is pleased to present two major new works in forged steel by Richard Serra. Recent drawings by the artist will be on view in the gallery’s second floor exhibition spaces. Richard Serra’s (b. 1938) first solo exhibitions were...

I’ve Seen Gray Whales Go By

Gagosian is pleased to present I’ve Seen Gray Whales Go By, new paintings by Mary Weatherford. This is her first solo exhibition with the gallery. Weatherford makes large paintings comprising grounds of spontaneously sponged paint on heavy linen canvases surmounted...

The Long Run

Innovation in art is often characterized as a singular event—a bolt of lightning that strikes once and forever changes what follows. The Long Run provides an alternate view: by chronicling the continued experimentation of artists long after their breakthrough moments,...

Laura Owens

Floor 8 will remain on view through February 26, 2018. The untitled installation that fills this gallery exemplifies Laura Owens’s persistent exploration of the interplay between painting, architecture, and perception. Five freestanding canvases are anchored directly to the floor as...

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